Before Tony found his way to Montana Rescue Mission, he says, “All that mattered was that I had money in my pocket for drinking. I didn’t care about my fellow human beings.”  Tony considered himself a “social drinker” until his divorce. “That’s when my drinking got out of control. I was a full-fledged alcoholic. I almost died twice from drinking and I knew that I needed help.”

When Tony arrived at Montana Rescue Mission, he enjoyed a hot meal served with compassion and respect, a good night’s sleep – and a chance to rebuild his broken life.  

That one meal helped Tony take the first step toward hope, healing and recovery in our New Life program.  

“I’ve never been around people who are so honest, straightforward and kind in their hearts.  That made me want to change,” says Tony. “The mission saved my life. The put me back in touch with my Lord and savior again.”

Today, just like you, Tony is all about helping others! Since he graduated from our New Life program, Tony has worked night security for our Women and Children’s Shelter.  However, he has years of restaurant experience and he knows what it takes to serve up 700 guests at one meal. “A lot of work goes into providing Thanksgiving dinner,” Tony says. “The kitchen starts working weeks ahead of time.  Every penny helps, every pie helps, every turkey helps.”

Just as important as the food, though is the fellowship.  Recalling last Thanksgiving at the Mission, Tony says, “Being so far away from family, it’s a good feeling to be around people.  You’re not lonesome that day. You have a place to go, to pray, and eat good food.”

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