Pregnant with her second child, Naomie was living in her brother’s home with her five-year-old daughter. “It wasn’t the best environment for her,” she admits, but it was all she had. When her brother was evicted for not paying rent, he went to live with their grandparents…but there was no room for Naomie and her daughter.

“My mom lives in Florida and I don’t know where my aunt is,” Naomie says. “I decided it was best to cut off communication with them for a while and get my life together.”

Naomie found a home for her growing family at Montana Rescue Mission. Her baby daughter was born into a safe environment, and Naomie began to break the cycle of homelessness for herself and her children.

If she hadn’t come to the Mission, Naomie says, she wouldn’t have her daughters with her today. “The Mission opened up doors for me as a single mom,” she says. “They gave me a roof over my head and helped me get a new apartment.” Case managers also helped Naomie secure day care for her girls.

Even more than that, Naomie is thankful that the Mission helped to strengthen her faith, a lasting gift she can pass down to her daughters. “I aspire to be like Jesus,” she says, “to make Him proud, for His glory.” In fact, the seeds of Naomie’s faith were sown right here at Montana Rescue Mission years ago when her grandfather came to us for help!

Addicted to alcohol, Naomie’s grandfather came into our chapel, listened to the Gospel message, and was saved that very day. “He put the bottle down and never took another drink,” Naomie tells us. What’s more, he became a minister, working at the Mission and sharing his testimony with our guests.

Like her grandfather, Naomie is now “bursting at the seams” to share what she’s learned about the Lord! And as she prepares to celebrate the holidays in a place of her very own, she wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the support people like you provide through Montana Rescue Mission.

“You help us out a lot more than you imagine,” Naomie says. “You give hope to the hopeless. Jesus Christ gives that little light in you. Every good thing that you do is a reflection of God that can’t be extinguished.”
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