With so many of our guests coming to know the Lord and changing their lives, there’s no shortage of stories to tell here at Montana Rescue Mission. However, we thought you might like to know how Joel, featured in our Holiday 2017 newsletter, has fared in recent months.

“I was just going in circles,” Joel says of his life before coming to the Mission. When his 20-year marriage ended, Joel drifted through Wyoming, working on oil rigs and drinking to ease his loneliness. When the work dried up, Joel came to Billings for a fresh start.

“I did some construction work, but there was nothing full-time,” Joel says. “I came to the Mission because I was running out of places to stay and I wasn’t making enough money to get my own place.”  

Joel joined the New Life program and began to see a straight path open up before him. “The program teaches you how to manage your money, just everything!”

The best part of the program, however, was learning about Jesus Christ. “I let Him take control,” Joel says. “I just give it to the Lord and pray with all my heart.”

Now that he’s walking in friendship with Christ, Joel has a clear direction for his life. He recently graduated from the program and works at the front desk of our Men’s Shelter. He also helps out wherever he’s needed, especially at the holidays.

“So many people from the community come and we deliver food to people’s homes. It’s awesome; it’s like a big family.”

Joel is now reconciled with his own family, who are grateful for everything your gifts did for him. “I have patience, I don’t get angry. I don’t even think about drinking anymore,” Joel tells us. “I can enjoy life now. I’m really happy!”

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