Core Services | Rescue, Recover, Restore

We joyfully serve everyone that walks through our doors. Yet, the homeless population continues to grow and sometimes our work seems like to two steps forward and one step back. While it would be easy to become discouraged by the sheer numbers of those who are unwilling to receive any help and remain on the streets, we are profoundly encouraged by those who do experience life transformation through the services we provide.

Thanks to the generous support of caring, compassionate donors, we are able to provide the following services free of charge at Montana Rescue Mission.

Food Services

We serve three meals a day, 365 days a year, at the Shelter.

Sack lunches are also provided to guests working during meal times and after school snacks are provided for children staying with us.


Upon arrival, clothing is provided free of charge to those in need.

Upon graduation from our New Life Program, shelter guests may also receive household items through our Second Chance Store located at 21 South 29th Street.


Emergency and temporary housing is provided at the Men’s Shelter and the Women & Children’s Shelter.

Length of stay is dependent on the individual needs of each guest.

The Men’s Shelter has a total of 129 beds and the Women and Children’s Shelter has 141 beds.  However, we are never full. Both shelters also have additional cots and mats for overflow.

Clean bedding, towels, showers, laundry, and toiletries are provided to all guests free of charge.

A Non-denominational chapel service is provided daily at both shelters, attendance is voluntary and not a requirement to receive services.