Classes & Outreach for the Next Step

Montana Rescue Mission offers three levels of programs for the men and women staying in our shelters. The overall goal is to help our guests achieve success in life after they leave the shelter. Each program level carries different class  and chore requirements for continued involvement.

Rescue – An open door for those who have recognized their need for help, they are provided the love of Christ with a one to three months length of stay.

Recover – Empowers those open to the things of God, whose personal or unique needs are getting back into employment, acquiring disability assistance, housing, etc. This can be a lengthy process dependent on the individual.

Restore – Primarily for those who have experienced serious relationship failures, have struggled with addictions, mental health issues or have been incarcerated but have made finding a healthy, Christ-centered lifestyle the most important decision in their life. A one to two year length of stay is allowed as long as positive progress is being made.