Guest opinion: Montana Rescue Mission needs your help

Billings Gazette November 30, 2018

After eight memorable years working with the hungry and homeless men, women, and children of our community, my time as executive director of the Montana Rescue Mission will come to a close at the end of the year.

I made this difficult decision in 2017 because of health issues I was facing at that time. After making the announcement to the MRM Board of Directors, we immediately began to work on a transition plan to ensure that MRM did not miss a beat.

As I reflect on my time here and on the long 60-plus-year history of the MRM, I remember the men, women, and children who went from homeless and on the street, to transformed lives, to housed and employed.

In my tenure here, that’s what I’ve tried to accomplish – life transformation. In my time, MRM became “more than just a shelter” providing three meals and a bed. MRM now walks with our guests through their journey addressing their homelessness, unemployment, addictions, physical and mental health, and faith.

MRM doesn’t do it alone. We do it with our community partners.  Read More

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