For Men

The Men’s Shelter is a place of second chances!


In addition to the core services of shelter, food, and clothing, the Montana Rescue Mission provides an opportunity for men 18 years and older to address issues that have led to their homelessness or are preventing them from moving forward in life.

Life skills classes address basic skills vital to successful living; grooming, attitude, character development and money management. We recognize the vital role an adequate education plays in reentry into the community as a productive citizen and provide training and tools to address areas where improvement is needed.

Our New Life Spiritual program involves a longer term residency that allows staff and guests to work together to address the life controlling issues that have led to a life of homelessness.  Together, we also develop strategies that provide tools for productive, self-sufficient living outside of the Shelter. Guests who are interested in these programs must submit an application and be approved by staff.

Opportunities to help men address the deep seated issues that have caused destructive problems in the past are all made possible by the generous donors who support this ministry.

The Men’s Shelter is located at 2822 Minnesota Ave. and can be reached by calling (406) 259-6079.